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See Yourself in a Better Light

  • Evergreen Wellness 1710 W Cherry Ln, Unit 130 Meridian, ID 83642 (map)


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Sunday, April 8, 2018. The enrollment fee includes a workbook.

This class is intended for people new to the concepts of mindfulness, abundance, and energy healing. If you are ready to start making new habits in your life and get on the path to creating a life you find joyful, abundant, and loving, then this class is for you!



Mindfulness is the truth that our thoughts are creating our reality. The phrase "what you think about, you bring about" is truth. Are you aware of your daily thoughts and how they are limiting or supporting you? This class will answer those questions and give you tools to help you start having a better, and more mindful attitude towards yourself, others and life in general. 



Abundance is another topic that will be discussed. Having abundance of love, support, connection, creativity, and money are possible. We are powerful and can help co-create (with God) abundance in our lives. 


Energy Healing

Energy healing is a way to clear negative thoughts, emotions, fears and more from our bodies. After releasing these things we replace that space with Light and bring healing to the body, mind, and spirit. I will be teaching beginner-level energy healing using visualization techniques. This will include muscle testing techniques, tuning in to yourself and others, and learning to clear imbalances. This class is a prerequisite for my advanced energy healing course.


Coupon Code

If you are attending with a friend or multiple friends, you and your friend(s) may enter the coupon code FRIENDS at checkout to receive a $20 discount. You and your friend(s) must register seperately.