Energy Work sessions



I created this page to help new clients find information on what sessions look like with me, what they cost, etc. If you would like an understanding of what energy work is, click this link. If would like like to start learning how to do energy work the way I do (through visualization) please click this link. If you would like to order my book, click this link.

I work with clients all over the country. I only do live sessions now which are done over FaceTime, Skype, or audio calls. Each session is an hour. Feel free to take your own notes because I do not provide notes. Please contact me so we can make sure it’s the right fit and so I can get an understanding of what you are hoping for.

I have been doing energy work for about 7 years now and there has been a learning curve to this type of business. I am now only accepting new clients who agree to three sessions with me. After that, I will work on you on an as needed basis. The first session is me clearing out things that are lying right on top. I am also adjusting your different energy bodies and just trying to get the energy flowing in the right way. Most of the time a first session does not get to the root of what is going on in your life. Three sessions gives me two more sessions to dig deeper and release more. If this doesn’t work for you, I invite you to find another energy worker that is a better fit! Below you’ll find the cost of my services. Payment for the new client session is expected up front. I will not work on you until I receive payment. Please contact me to set up your session and I’ll also send you my PayPal link. Thank you for your interest!

New Client-Three Session Package (This applies to older teens and all adults)

Established Client Session (This cost is for adults and teens 16 years old and older)

Child Session (Children under age 16)

Check-In Session (This cost is for established clients who want me to check in on one or two things—not complete a whole session for them.)
$50 for adults
$25 for kids