Essential Oils


Advil and Tylenol used to be looked at as a great advancement. Have a headache, backache, etc, pop the pill and it goes away! Almost a miracle-until the pain comes back.

These pills do not get rid of a problem at their root. They mask a problem, relieve some physical pain associated with the problem so it tricks us into thinking we’ve helped ourselves. Why do we want to continually deal with the same headache for so long? Is it really that hard to confront a problem and release it for good? Some people have realized that taking these pills may not be the best option for our bodies. Instead, there is a “new” wave that has started. Enter: essential oils. I say “new” because these have been around for thousands of years. But there has been a resurgence, or rather, a westernized resurgence of using them.

In our western culture we believe we shouldn’t have to deal with pain at any level. We have gotten very good at masking pain and tricking ourselves into believing it is non-existent. We are happy to take anything that relives a symptom. Now, essential oil companies are claiming that essential oils are a safe and effective way of getting rid of many different symptoms-and they are “all natural.” (The answer as to whether essential oils are all natural depends on the brand and a buyer should be cautious-even when using the big brands.)

My main questions for anyone using essential oils on a regular basis are: is the use of the essential oil(s) solving the problem?  Will you be done taking the essential oil(s) when the condition clears or will this be something you use on an on-going basis indefinitely?

There are plenty of things to read online about the safety of essential oils. Most people agree that using essential oils in a diffuser is the safest method. Using them undiluted on the skin is usually shied away from. Using them internally is controversial. I would not recommend internal use.

Essential oils are not a “whole” food. It is a minuscule part of the plant, fruit, etc. And although they have healing properties, they don’t contain many other valuable constituents. Herbs are best used in their whole state by eating them raw or drinking internally as a tea or broken down into tinctures or used as a poultice, etc. God/Universe made these herbs to benefit and to help us heal completely. There are innumerable constituents in each living thing and when we undertake to use only part of the plant, we must be cautious.

Essential oils vibrate at very high levels. Each emotion we feel also vibrates. Low vibrating emotions are shame, sadness, etc. When we vibrate at low levels we attract more low-vibrating events, comments and people into our lives. We want to raise our vibrational frequency. Using essential oils can help raise us up to help us feel happiness, joy and peace. However, each essential oil vibrates at a different level. If we use many different essential oils on a daily basis we are giving our body many differing frequencies. And although our bodies are intelligent, logically it does not make much sense to give them so many different frequencies so often. We can allow our bodies to heal at the vibrational frequency the oil is offering before moving on to another. Patience and intuition are needed when using these powerful healing oils.

I recommend using far fewer essential oils than most people because I see what oils can do energetically when too many are used. Generally, one oil per day is plenty for any body to process. Because people are curious about how often I use oils, here you go: almost never. I add lemon to my vinegar/water combination to clean sometimes and I put lavender in the bath rarely. I was given two “immune” boosting blends that I use on myself or children when I feel instinctively that one may be needed. By rare I mean once or twice per year. I rely on prayer, blessings and energy work as well as herbs and herbal combinations to help heal my family’s bodies most regularly.

Use your intuition to guide you to using essential oils. If you know how to muscle test, you can use that to see which one to use and how often your body needs it. Make sure you are also keeping in mind the emotional side of your body too. Maybe there are some emotions underneath that need to be released in order to help your body heal and assist the essential oils too. 

To help you understand what's going on underneath if you aren't ready to delve into energy work yourself, check out the book: The Healing Questions Guide by Wendi Jensen. It's such a helpful book!


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Sometimes I Need a Break


Sometimes I need a break:

From householding. 

From momming.

From wifing.  

From cooking.  

From erranding. 

From crafting. 

From helping. 

From exercising.  

From healthing.  

From reading.  

From listening. 

From hurting.

When I get that break: 

I remember I am clean.

I remember I love.   

I remember my prowess.  

I remember I cook well.  

I remember I am efficient.  

I remember I am creative. 

I remember I am a helper.  

I remember I care for my body.  

I remember my thirst for knowledge.  

I remember my gifts.  

I remember joy.

Musings on the Divine Feminine


For over a year I have been worn down by feelings of no self-worth. These feelings go deeper than my day to day emotions. I find joy, connection, and peace with my family. I see the work I do and most days I feel I've done what I can do. 

But within me I've been searching for the feminine. Where is She? Most of my readers know I'm spiritual. I am also religious. Trying to find the feminine within a patriarchal religion can feel nearly hopeless. Reading scriptures focused mainly on men, trying to figure out why breasts and birthing and women are used as metaphors for men is not only utterly confusing, it has damaged me. 

I had a friend tell me last year that She, our Heavenly Mother is everywhere. I have been watching for Her since we had that conversation and I can say I have found a deeper connection. 

I have also sunk to the lowest levels of my spirituality and wondered why women, for millennia, have been so badly treated. Why we are still not seen as equals. Why our power is not acknowledged.


Here are my musings so far in my journey to find her. (I reserve the right to change my beliefs.) 

She is the Mother of all creation. She has Divine power. I carry that Divine power within me. I come from the Greatness that She is. I have magical blood power that flows through me monthly. This power cannot be taken or mimicked. It regulates my flow through life. It regulates my flow back to Her. She is in all and through all things. She has been translated out of the sciptures. She is half of Elohim. She is the one He could not spend eternity without. She carries us. She supports us endlessly. She has a real body. Just like mine, only perfected. My hips, arms, and womb are holy, pure, and Divine. I have no need to shame any part of my body. She does not shame hers. She glorifies Herself. I glorify Her by existing. 

Although I don't remember Her real name, I do have synonyms: Wisdom, Ashtoreth, Eloah, Asherah. Menorahs are reminders of her. As are my favorite willow trees, other trees, owls, doves, and snakes. She loves the earth and all that live on it. She is waiting for us women to embrace Her to bring Her back into our reality so that the earth can be balanced. So that humanity can be balanced. 

Creativity starts in woman, from whom all creation flows. Man comes from Woman. They are pieces of us. Man taken from a woman. 

She is worthy of prayer, glory, honor, praise, gratitude, appreciation, and love. I am re-learning these things for Her.

She is worth my time. She is worth my patience.

I am worth Her time. I am worth Her patience. 

She has eternal worth and gladness and joyfully weeps that I have chosen the similar path she chose.  

She is the ultimate hedgewitch. Healing in mysterious, miraculous ways that cannot be named. She enlightens the mind's of women and men to know her mysteries. She knows all herbs and has created them to heal each of us. She left no one out in her healing creations. She works through prophecy, visions, spiritual sight, body knowledge, and astrology. Remember Her connection with the moon. I am re-remembering my connection with the moon.  

I am here to become like Her. "To know and understand God-dess." She is Goddess. I am here to know and understand Her so that I can become like Her. I carry on Her heritage of knowing myself, my body, my gifts, my talents, my abilities. I create my reality to include Her every moment, just as I include Her Husband. 

Can you feel her emerging from the darkness? From our darkness? We are becoming lighter, and She is the one illuminating.  

If you would like to read more on this topic, I suggest these books below. These are affiliate links and using them helps me run this site!  

Crying for Release


Most people can remember being told some version of the following phrases: “Stop crying. Big girls (boys) don’t cry. You have no reason to cry.” For a very long time our culture has been afraid to cry. Afraid to show emotion and let go.

Our culture also believes that if pain is masked by medication or addictions that they will disappear. If we disregard something long enough it will go away and will no longer bother us. The thing is, though, if you did not take the time to fully process and be present with your hard emotions and then let them go, they can continue to plague you and can show up later in life in the form of different dis-eases in the body. 

Energetically there is a lot more than crying being held in when we do not allow our tears to flow. Anger, sadness, disappointment, rejection and the list goes on. Did you know that crying is also an emotion? Before we cry we can feel it coming on. Sometimes the emotion can be felt in other areas of our body too.

For the sake of allowing ourselves some peace, we need to allow ourselves to cry. The release of water from our bodies, especially in the form of crying is a huge relief to our bodies. When we hold it in, we are doing an injustice to our better selves.

Let’s rephrase our thoughts. “It is okay to cry. Big girls (boys) let their tears out. You have every reason to cry. It is hard being you right now and you’re doing a great job.” 

If you find that you are uncomfortable with children crying, or crying yourself, look back on your life to figure out why. Did your parents not allow you to cry? Were you shamed for crying? When was the last time you cried? 

Not crying and not releasing only creates more tension and negativity within your body. Let it flow! Crying is brave, and strong, and is a healthy response to life's sometimes difficult and painful circumstances. You can either let it out now, or an energy healer like me will release it for you later.  

Wintertime Healing

There are a few standard ways we deal with sickness in our home. Usually we start by resting. Then we drink copious amounts of herbal tea and rest some more. I have a few other things we do and they are listed below.

Please listen to the needs of your body. Please research on your own. Feeling informed allows us all to care for our bodies! 

I usually start by checking for the energetic imbalance. Usually there are some emotions behind the illness. By clearing the emotions and putting in light and truth it helps to heal the body faster. 


Apple Cider Vinegar: My kids are awesome for many reasons. One tiny reason is that they love apple cider vinegar. This is awesome to drink during the winter months. It is anti-bacterial and anti-viral and helps balance the pH level of the body. It's great for colds, the flu, strep throat, sore throats, and sinus infections.

If you want to drink a potent version, use one tablespoon of the vinegar, 1 tablespoon raw honey, and 1 tablespoon water. Drink one tablespoon of this mixture three times per day. You can dilute this all with extra water if it is too potent. If you're up for some added heat and healing try adding a couple drops of cayenne tincture. 

Colloidal Silver: Sometimes all a sore throat needs is a little bit of this and the cold never progresses. We do not use this often, but sometimes I get a feeling that this is what someone needs and so I follow that intuition. 

Elderberry tincture: Great for sore throats, strep, colds, flu. Anti-viral and anti-bacterial. This can also be used throughout the winter to prevent illness. 

Kyolic: This is a very concentrated garlic product and is supposedly odorless (I can smell it a little).  We prefer the liquid form: it is easily hidden in juice or tea.  This can even be taken as a maintenance measure.  You can find this among the garlic products in the health food section.

I also use this if the kids complain about an earache. I mix a few drops of this into a teaspoon of olive oil and warm it (not in the microwave). Then, using a dropper I place two or three drops of this into each ear and plug the ear with some cotton. Leave it as long as the kids can stand it! The kyolic helps kill any bacteria and the warm oil is soothing. 

Echinacea tea: It is anti-viral and anti-bacterial. This herb has been studied scientifically and is proven to shorten the length of the flu. It tastes amazing and my kids like it even without honey added.

Raspberry leaf tea: This is my go-to remedy. Great for sore throats, colds, flu, and fevers.  This tea is also anti-viral and anti-bacterial, contains many minerals and vitamins, including calcium, and we drink a lot of it in our house. It tastes great warm or cold. If you are looking for a black tea alternative, try this tea!

This tea also helps with constipation or diarrhea. It is great to give to kids when they are sick to make sure everything in their digestive system is balanced. 

A few other thoughts:

I almost never sweeten tea with sugar.  We almost always use honey or nothing at all.  I have given my kids tea from the time they start to drink liquids, other than my milk, and I think because of that they rarely turn it down. Many times they are the ones asking for it.  

Dr. Christopher, master herbalist, said to be wise in how you offer tea to children and they will learn to like it. I know this is not true for all people. Jordan has finally found a few teas that he does not abhor but it has taken years! But, we have always treated tea like a normal part of life and all of my kids love herbal teas!

Adding lemon to tea will help vitamin c levels. It is also anti-bacterial and anti-viral and aids digestion. If you are out of tea, make a warm glass of water, juice from half a lemon and honey to taste. It's refreshing and healing! 

Lastly, fevers are usually a good thing. Fevers help burn off the illness in the body. It is the body’s correct response when it needs some extra help getting rid of an illness. Instead of seeking to bring the fever down with medication, we can help the fever. Make sure the bowels are clean. Drink herbal teas, especially the ones mentioned above. If the fever gets to be uncomfortably high, yarrow tea can be helpful.

If you have a baby or younger child and you are getting concerned that the fever is too high or lasting too long, running a bath and adding some catnip tea to the bath water can also help bring a fever down. Keep yourself, or your child, hydrated and feel grateful your body is responding the way it should to eliminate the disease.

Learning to care for myself and my family has been rewarding. I love being able to help our bodies help themselves. If you have not researched ways to help your family, please use this blog post as a starting point. It takes a little effort, but being able to care for my family is rewarding. I have knowledge, herbs, tinctures, and energy healing abilities. All of these things help our family and can help you too!