Yoni Steaming

I mentioned Yoni steaming in my self-care article. If you haven't read that article yet, click here

Self-care gives you the time to really get to know yourself. It gives you time to love yourself. For some of us, we have never fully embraced our body and femininity. Getting into a self-care routine helps you rekindle that love for your body, mind, and spirit. It also helps you start delving into your emotional and spiritual state. 


Yoni steaming was one of the things I mentioned in that article. Yoni steaming gives your vagina some much needed healing attention. It can help reduce and eliminate yeast infections, it can help to restore a period to it's proper cycle, and so much more. It has been around for so long that it is mind boggling that this practice was forgotten by our culture. Let's bring back yet another thing our ancestors got right!

If you experience really bad cramps, clotting during menstruation, or even have more problems such as endometriosis or PCOS, give vaginal steaming a try. I have read of women shortening postpartum bleeding down to a number of days instead of weeks and have also heard of prolapse being healed with steaming. Healing time varies from woman to woman, but in just a month or two I found my periods to be lighter and bright red. If you do not have a uterus or are past menopause, vaginal steaming is still beneficial. 

I am not sure that I was ever told that after having children my period would change. Before children I had very heavy periods lasting 5-7 days. I had one period in 7 years between being pregnant and breastfeeding. After I got my period back for good, I was nervous. It had been so long, I couldn't remember what was normal and I also found that I had clots nearly every period. It started with dark brown blood that had obviously not been released at the end of my last period. My cycle was really off. It was coming anywhere from 23-32 days. I knew something was off and cleared quite a few things energetically, was drinking my raspberry leaf tea, but I knew there was something more that I should be doing. I waited for God to let me know what the next step in my healing process would be. 

Then I discovered vaginal steaming. I steamed a total of 5 times the first month and that first period after steaming was bright red. It was amazing. I also released a big clot and felt that it was my body finally healing and releasing in major ways. It was a shorter period, really only lasting 4 days if you don't count that last day of discolored discharge. The second month I only steamed twice. That period I did experience more of a down feeling during menstruation. I think my body is still in the healing process and this month I am increasing the amount of times I am steaming. 

I have described steaming to friends this way, "Your yoni will feel happy." Most of us do not put much thought into our vaginal health until something is wrong. We dread our periods and are usually feeling like it is a plague every month. Vaginal steaming (and my book) may help you wholly embrace your body. Your period does not need to be feared and does not need to feel like a strain (or drain on your system) every month. You can, in fact, have lighter, easier periods. I think steaming is awakening your senses down below and treating this part of your body with the respect it has been missing. It does actually create life. Let's give it a little more care.


Here's how to steam:

If you have a wooden stool that you can cut a little hole in, that is preferred. If you do not have a wooden stool you can still steam, and you will be engaging your core muscles too! You'll find directions for both below.

You can use herbs that are native to your area, and also use some well known women's herbs. You can find herbal blends on the Steamy Chick website that are blended for specific purposes such as healing, or to rid your vagina of infection. 

You will boil the water and place it under your stool. You can wrap a towel around the bowl to keep the water warm for longer. Use a long skirt, dress, or robe to wrap down around the stool. You are creating a sauna effect. If it is too hot, or your stool is so short that your vagina sits near the bowl, let it cool. You do not want to burn yourself. Use your instinct for this. You'll sit for 7-10 minutes. You can sit longer if you are healing in major ways, but I suggest contacting the woman who runs Steamy Chick and being consulted on healing if you think it's needed.

If you do not have a stool, you can place the bowl on the ground, wrap a towel around it and squat or kneel beside it. Make sure you have your skirt, robe, or dress surrounding you so that you still are creating a sauna effect. You may find it easiest to do this by the tub or your bed so that you can lean on something and not have to hold yourself up the whole time. 

For the herbs: I make a batch, steam, and then put it in the fridge and use it again for a total of two times (Dump the water and herbs back into your garden. There's no need to waste it when the plants in your yard would love to use the nutrients). Usually the herbs I use are what I have in my garden or pantry. Things native to our area are raspberry leaf, yarrow, catnip, mint, and rose petals. I have also added hibiscus and rosehips. Like I said you can find herbal blends on her website, or find an herbalist to help you decide which herbs will help you if you are healing in major ways. 

You may find that steaming once a week provides the healing and comfort your body craves or you may need to start out with a more intense regimen. Listen to your body. You'll know what it needs. 

Give it a try and see how you feel. I would love to hear any of your experiences after you do! 

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