Dr. Sears started my journey of motherhood out right. We had an intense high-need (non-colicky) baby boy and we were told he was just fine. He was just as he should be. We needed to comfort and hold him often. Meet his needs. He was enough just as he was and didn't need to be changed (only our perception needed to change). 

Then Maria Montessori hit my scene and she was a breath of fresh air too. Children are complete humans, WHATEVER their age may be. Re-read that last sentence (p.l.e.a.s.e.). They are enough just as they are today. God loves them fully! As they are today. There is no expectation for change as they are today. God knows they will naturally grow and changeThey will in fact learn to talk. They will in fact, learn to walk. You just need to be present, support, and comfort them. 

We unschool because we believe it is what our children need to live their lives to the fullest. I'm also learning that it's beneficial for me so that I can learn to be their comfort, be their support, and be present. I am also trying to learn that they are enough. 


Rico: our high-need, intense, manifestor is just as high need today as he was as a baby. (But I can't wear him in a wrap anymore.) He is inquisitive to the max, not great at telling jokes (or understanding them or sarcasm), is Cheetah obsessed, and has high extroverted needs that we as a family of 6 cannot fully meet. He is enough today. God loves him just as he is today. It does not matter if he is "successful" in life. It doesn't matter if he saves even one Cheetah (although he probably will and I think energetically all cheetahs know he loves them more than anyone else ever has). He is enough. 


Fredhead:  our loud and quiet, clean but shmeggy, introverted, cuddly boy is enough today too. He is discovering (on his own and in his own words) that his interests are changing. That as he grows through life, he is allowed to have his interests change and to flow with them. To see where they take him. His personal flow is enough for him. 


Wheezer: our comfortable, warm, ball of love (and spice!) is wonderful as she is. She doesn't need motherhood to define her and for the better part of the last two years has stated that she will not be having children. Now, that may change, but God sees her as she is now. A complete human. With or without children. Without expectations of motherhood. With lots of love, wisdom, guidance, and spunk to do whatever she is here to do. 


Mimi: the fun-loving, mama-milk-loving, bundle of excitement. She is exuberant, smart, and knows her own mind. I joke that one day she'll travel to Tibet, find her love, elope, and we'll meet her spouse when we pick her up from the airport. Or she'll just stay in Tibet. She is spiritual, a true healer. She is capable and head-strong. And all of these things are inherent in her. Because they came with her. Because it is actually who she is. She is enough. 


Jordan: is a peacemaker. He is resourceful, tidy (and messy), perfectionistic and oblivious. He can be hard-working but is learning to value relaxation (and his body, mind, and spirit thank him). He has discovered he has to live his life. Not a life of expectation. Not a life of servitude. A life of joy. A present life. Because in the present moment he is enough. 


Me: I am an actual healer. I am learning to listen to my inner-voice. I have some serious intensity and I do believe God will answer all questions. I will not stop asking until they are all answered. It is hard for me to live with dichotomies. I enjoy silence. I am learning that I am enough. My children do not make me who I am. My husband does not define part of me. I am enough as Chelsea. Body, mind, and spirit.

We are all enough. We are all enough for God, or Source, today. There was never an expectation to do more or be more than we are. (Re-read that last sentence. p.l.e.a.s.e). We are enough. YOU are enough.  

What is "enough" about you? Family members? Friends? Colleagues? Write it down. Send a letter to them. They'd love to feel the love.