Wouldn’t a view into what’s going on underneath your physical body be cool? I don’t mean into your muscles or bones. I’m talking about underneath what most of us can see with our physical eyesight - seeing into the energetic areas of ourselves.


Using Visual Intuitive Energy Work (VIEW) to see and understand myself and others has given me the chance to see love in a different way. I see that all this external sadness, anger, judgement, guilt, addictions, and fear are not the core of a person. Underneath all of our hard emotions and trauma remains who we really are. And using VIEW to clear the negative energy uncovers that true self. Here are a few things I’ve seen while helping myself and others:

  • Self-love: Many of us have forgotten how much we love ourselves. When we can clear out the debris on top of this love, we have access to it in easier ways. We remember we love ourselves and then it becomes easier to show love for ourselves.

  • We do not need to be defined by other people’s actions or opinions. Often, clients have someone in their life that they feel less powerful around. They feel like if that person could just change, they could themselves too. However, the only person we have control over is ourselves. When we clear out our own energetic junk, we can interact with people from that place of love.

  • Our ancestors really lived full lives. And this means they experienced good and bad and some of those emotions were passed on to us. Helping clear that energy helps them and us!

  • Seeing how much energy we have that can be shifted allows us the opportunity to see more deeply into other people and offer them more time to come to things on their own.

  • Also, removing the negative energy in ourselves helps us see that people are doing a great job right where they are. They don’t need us to change them. They can change themselves, when and how they want to.

  • You know what’s going on with you. Although some people are disconnected from their inner-being, many people can still tap into it rather easily if they’ll just give themselves the time and space to wander down into their mind.

  • Your intuition is real and is capable of helping you make lasting changes.

Let me repeat that. Your intuition is real and is capable of helping you make lasting changes.

If you have wanted to learn energy work (energy healing) but haven’t been drawn to any methodology yet, consider my class: See Yourself in a Better Light. In this class I teach you the VIEW technique for moving energy. This intro class gives you the tools to be more mindful and start creating new habits now. It also gives you an introduction to visualizing energy for yourself and others. Your visualization, coupled with intuition, is all you need to energetically heal yourself and others effectively.

You can also check out my book or contact me directly!