Unschooling Interview With Our Six Year Old

I interviewed our six year old, Fredhead, a little while ago about life learning (also known as unschooling). Here are his answers:


How old are you?

Describe how school used to be at home?
We used to color and build stuff and do math and make a lot of things out of paper.

Did you like that?
Kind of.  (What did you like about it?) I liked our binders. 

Eating poffertjes, one of his favorite things.

Eating poffertjes, one of his favorite things.

What did you not like?

Describe how school is now.
We don’t do school right now.

What do we do instead?
Play and make stuff and eat a lot.

Do you enjoy life?
I love it a ton.

What do you love so much about it?
Doing fun things. Going to the aquarium. I love Baymax.

Are there things you wish you could do more often?
Get more toys to play with.

Are there things you feel you are missing out on because you don’t go to school?

Do you wish you were going to school?


What are you interested in?
Why dinosaurs died and Harry Potter. I make up a lot of games.

What do you do all day?
I like to do electronics. Like my DS, Wii and if Dad would set up his nintendo I would like to do that all day. Color. And look at scientist stuff.

What scientist stuff do you think is cool?
Volcanoes. All kinds of stuff.

Are there things you wish you knew more about?
Why Santa delivers presents every Christmas. Why dinosaurs died. Sting ray holes. And why they have such long tails.

How are you going to learn about those things?
We just learn about it. We just figure it out. 

What do you love about your life?
Having fun. Playing. Coloring. And Coloring castles. Playing DS. And doing fun things with you and Dad.

Camping with Dad and Rico.

Camping with Dad and Rico.

Favorite animal:

He is such a spunky boy. He makes up funny jokes, pulls funny faces, and loves to eat food and try different things. He loves studying space and has only had an interest in learning to read a couple of times. Math makes a lot of sense to him and he can add and subtract easily. He loves playing with friends, making up imaginative games, and he also likes to play games on our Wii. He is helpful and kind and every day we get to exist together and it's wonderful!