Toilet Training Essentials

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If you haven't yet read my article on toilet training our four children by 18 months, give it a read

This list will be quite short. We do not tend to buy into all the latest gadgets for everything in life. There are some things that are quite simple and we find that keeping them that way is easiest for us. 

You will most likely need some smaller potty training underwear. We never tried using pull-ups. We found transitioning to underwear much more efficient for our kids to learn when they were wet. Amazon carries the Gerber cotton underwear in an 18 month size. There are a few other sites that carry smaller sizes if your child is even more petite. 

We loved this potty seat. It was the perfect size for them to sit themselves down and a lot less scary than the normal toilet. They also loved helping to dump it out into the toilet and flushing everything themselves. 

Don't forget some small spray bottles. You can fill them with water and some vinegar. The kids love to help clean up when they don't quite make it to the toilet. 

That's it! It's a seriously short list because let's be honest. You don't need gadgets to help you learn what your body is saying. Children just need their parents to take the time and have patience with them to learn to listen to their bodies. Good luck!