The Free Birth of Mimi-Sweet


Mimi's birth was the quickest of them all lasting only three hours. We again decided to have her at home. 

I had pre-labor for a couple of weekends leading up to her birth. I think that I actually passed through every phase of labor before the actual birth, including transition. The weekend before she was born, I was squatting in the tub, thinking she was going to come out of me. Then I had the feeling subside immediately and then felt like going to bed. It was totally uncharacteristic of anything I've ever read about birth. Jordan had checked the purple line and it was all the way up and then disappeared when my sensations went away. So bizarre! 


The morning she was born I woke up at 3 a.m. with slight contractions but I did feel like I needed to be up and moving. They did not disappear like they had the weekends before so I woke Jordan and he got my tea and stayed awake with me. 

There is a purple line that indicates how many centimeters dilated a woman is that runs up her butt crack. Seriously. Not too long after I woke up, Jordan told me it was at a 10. I made it through active labor and transition and felt almost nothing and slept for all of it! I had cleared a lot of things from my family line regarding birth and fear and he reminded me of this and also reminded me that labor does not have to have pain associated with it. I was in so much shock that I almost did not believe it. Then I could feel her head very low and knew it must be true.

After a little bit in the bedroom, I made my way to the bathroom. I didn't leave the bathroom after that; I felt safest in there for some reason. It was cozy and warm and I think intuitively I knew she would be born in there much earlier in the pregnancy. When I would meditate and picture the birth in my mind, I was always in there. A safe little room. 

I still had to breathe through contractions, but they did not hurt. I could feel the intensity of them. The only "pain with a purpose" I remember was when she was emerging. The ring of fire was intense. Jordan was on his hands and knees because I was leaning on him. It was all I could do to keep myself standing but there was no way I could have moved myself to the ground. As he saw her head come out he told me on the next contraction he'd need to be up so he could catch her. Then, she slid fast and he caught her. We looked and were filled with joy that it was another girl. All of the kids came in right after they heard her cry and were all so excited that she was here. We were all standing in awe of her and the peace in our home. 

Jordan gave me a blessing right after and she didn't stop crying for quite awhile. Finally she did and latched on just fine. She was 7lbs 4 oz, 20 inches long and born only 3 hours after I first felt the surges. The placenta delivered within 20 minutes of her being born and after that we rested. 

Each birth got progressively easier for me with Mimi's being the easiest. She came at the time she did to heal me, our family lines, and to provide the calm ending to our little family unit. Each time my body performed as it should and I was reminded that I was created to bring these four spirits to earth and create a body for them.