How to Start Unschooling

How to Start Unschooling

I invite you to give it a try for the rest of the summer. Take notes, observe your wonderful children. Connect with them where they are right now. They are brilliant, kind, and intrigued by the world around them.

I Do Not Own My Children

I Do Not Own My Children

We are looking to create a world for our children where they feel heard and where they feel powerful to create their own lives. I hope they turn out to be just as they want to be. 

Wintertime Healing

There are a few standard ways we deal with sickness in our home. Usually we start by resting. Then we drink copious amounts of herbal tea and rest some more. I have a few other things we do and they are listed below.

Please listen to the needs of your body. Please research on your own. Feeling informed allows us all to care for our bodies! 

I usually start by checking for the energetic imbalance. Usually there are some emotions behind the illness. By clearing the emotions and putting in light and truth it helps to heal the body faster. 


Apple Cider Vinegar: My kids are awesome for many reasons. One tiny reason is that they love apple cider vinegar. This is awesome to drink during the winter months. It is anti-bacterial and anti-viral and helps balance the pH level of the body. It's great for colds, the flu, strep throat, sore throats, and sinus infections.

If you want to drink a potent version, use one tablespoon of the vinegar, 1 tablespoon raw honey, and 1 tablespoon water. Drink one tablespoon of this mixture three times per day. You can dilute this all with extra water if it is too potent. If you're up for some added heat and healing try adding a couple drops of cayenne tincture. 

Colloidal Silver: Sometimes all a sore throat needs is a little bit of this and the cold never progresses. We do not use this often, but sometimes I get a feeling that this is what someone needs and so I follow that intuition. 

Elderberry tincture: Great for sore throats, strep, colds, flu. Anti-viral and anti-bacterial. This can also be used throughout the winter to prevent illness. 

Kyolic: This is a very concentrated garlic product and is supposedly odorless (I can smell it a little).  We prefer the liquid form: it is easily hidden in juice or tea.  This can even be taken as a maintenance measure.  You can find this among the garlic products in the health food section.

I also use this if the kids complain about an earache. I mix a few drops of this into a teaspoon of olive oil and warm it (not in the microwave). Then, using a dropper I place two or three drops of this into each ear and plug the ear with some cotton. Leave it as long as the kids can stand it! The kyolic helps kill any bacteria and the warm oil is soothing. 

Echinacea tea: It is anti-viral and anti-bacterial. This herb has been studied scientifically and is proven to shorten the length of the flu. It tastes amazing and my kids like it even without honey added.

Raspberry leaf tea: This is my go-to remedy. Great for sore throats, colds, flu, and fevers.  This tea is also anti-viral and anti-bacterial, contains many minerals and vitamins, including calcium, and we drink a lot of it in our house. It tastes great warm or cold. If you are looking for a black tea alternative, try this tea!

This tea also helps with constipation or diarrhea. It is great to give to kids when they are sick to make sure everything in their digestive system is balanced. 

A few other thoughts:

I almost never sweeten tea with sugar.  We almost always use honey or nothing at all.  I have given my kids tea from the time they start to drink liquids, other than my milk, and I think because of that they rarely turn it down. Many times they are the ones asking for it.  

Dr. Christopher, master herbalist, said to be wise in how you offer tea to children and they will learn to like it. I know this is not true for all people. Jordan has finally found a few teas that he does not abhor but it has taken years! But, we have always treated tea like a normal part of life and all of my kids love herbal teas!

Adding lemon to tea will help vitamin c levels. It is also anti-bacterial and anti-viral and aids digestion. If you are out of tea, make a warm glass of water, juice from half a lemon and honey to taste. It's refreshing and healing! 

Lastly, fevers are usually a good thing. Fevers help burn off the illness in the body. It is the body’s correct response when it needs some extra help getting rid of an illness. Instead of seeking to bring the fever down with medication, we can help the fever. Make sure the bowels are clean. Drink herbal teas, especially the ones mentioned above. If the fever gets to be uncomfortably high, yarrow tea can be helpful.

If you have a baby or younger child and you are getting concerned that the fever is too high or lasting too long, running a bath and adding some catnip tea to the bath water can also help bring a fever down. Keep yourself, or your child, hydrated and feel grateful your body is responding the way it should to eliminate the disease.

Learning to care for myself and my family has been rewarding. I love being able to help our bodies help themselves. If you have not researched ways to help your family, please use this blog post as a starting point. It takes a little effort, but being able to care for my family is rewarding. I have knowledge, herbs, tinctures, and energy healing abilities. All of these things help our family and can help you too!