Crying for Release


Most people can remember being told some version of the following phrases: “Stop crying. Big girls (boys) don’t cry. You have no reason to cry.” For a very long time our culture has been afraid to cry. Afraid to show emotion and let go.

Our culture also believes that if pain is masked by medication or addictions that they will disappear. If we disregard something long enough it will go away and will no longer bother us. The thing is, though, if you did not take the time to fully process and be present with your hard emotions and then let them go, they can continue to plague you and can show up later in life in the form of different dis-eases in the body. 

Energetically there is a lot more than crying being held in when we do not allow our tears to flow. Anger, sadness, disappointment, rejection and the list goes on. Did you know that crying is also an emotion? Before we cry we can feel it coming on. Sometimes the emotion can be felt in other areas of our body too.

For the sake of allowing ourselves some peace, we need to allow ourselves to cry. The release of water from our bodies, especially in the form of crying is a huge relief to our bodies. When we hold it in, we are doing an injustice to our better selves.

Let’s rephrase our thoughts. “It is okay to cry. Big girls (boys) let their tears out. You have every reason to cry. It is hard being you right now and you’re doing a great job.” 

If you find that you are uncomfortable with children crying, or crying yourself, look back on your life to figure out why. Did your parents not allow you to cry? Were you shamed for crying? When was the last time you cried? 

Not crying and not releasing only creates more tension and negativity within your body. Let it flow! Crying is brave, and strong, and is a healthy response to life's sometimes difficult and painful circumstances. You can either let it out now, or an energy healer like me will release it for you later.  

How to Choose an Energy Healer

How to Choose an Energy Healer

We have so many different energy healing modalities on the earth that people have an array of choices. Pay attention to the vibe you get when looking into different healers.