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Advil and Tylenol used to be looked at as a great advancement. Have a headache, backache, etc, pop the pill and it goes away! Almost a miracle-until the pain comes back.

These pills do not get rid of a problem at their root. They mask a problem, relieve some physical pain associated with the problem so it tricks us into thinking we’ve helped ourselves. Why do we want to continually deal with the same headache for so long? Is it really that hard to confront a problem and release it for good? Some people have realized that taking these pills may not be the best option for our bodies. Instead, there is a “new” wave that has started. Enter: essential oils. I say “new” because these have been around for thousands of years. But there has been a resurgence, or rather, a westernized resurgence of using them.

In our western culture we believe we shouldn’t have to deal with pain at any level. We have gotten very good at masking pain and tricking ourselves into believing it is non-existent. We are happy to take anything that relives a symptom. Now, essential oil companies are claiming that essential oils are a safe and effective way of getting rid of many different symptoms-and they are “all natural.” (The answer as to whether essential oils are all natural depends on the brand and a buyer should be cautious-even when using the big brands.)

My main questions for anyone using essential oils on a regular basis are: is the use of the essential oil(s) solving the problem?  Will you be done taking the essential oil(s) when the condition clears or will this be something you use on an on-going basis indefinitely?

There are plenty of things to read online about the safety of essential oils. Most people agree that using essential oils in a diffuser is the safest method. Using them undiluted on the skin is usually shied away from. Using them internally is controversial. I would not recommend internal use.

Essential oils are not a “whole” food. It is a minuscule part of the plant, fruit, etc. And although they have healing properties, they don’t contain many other valuable constituents. Herbs are best used in their whole state by eating them raw or drinking internally as a tea or broken down into tinctures or used as a poultice, etc. God/Universe made these herbs to benefit and to help us heal completely. There are innumerable constituents in each living thing and when we undertake to use only part of the plant, we must be cautious.

Essential oils vibrate at very high levels. Each emotion we feel also vibrates. Low vibrating emotions are shame, sadness, etc. When we vibrate at low levels we attract more low-vibrating events, comments and people into our lives. We want to raise our vibrational frequency. Using essential oils can help raise us up to help us feel happiness, joy and peace. However, each essential oil vibrates at a different level. If we use many different essential oils on a daily basis we are giving our body many differing frequencies. And although our bodies are intelligent, logically it does not make much sense to give them so many different frequencies so often. We can allow our bodies to heal at the vibrational frequency the oil is offering before moving on to another. Patience and intuition are needed when using these powerful healing oils.

I recommend using far fewer essential oils than most people because I see what oils can do energetically when too many are used. Generally, one oil per day is plenty for any body to process. Because people are curious about how often I use oils, here you go: almost never. I add lemon to my vinegar/water combination to clean sometimes and I put lavender in the bath rarely. I was given two “immune” boosting blends that I use on myself or children when I feel instinctively that one may be needed. By rare I mean once or twice per year. I rely on prayer, blessings and energy work as well as herbs and herbal combinations to help heal my family’s bodies most regularly.

Use your intuition to guide you to using essential oils. If you know how to muscle test, you can use that to see which one to use and how often your body needs it. Make sure you are also keeping in mind the emotional side of your body too. Maybe there are some emotions underneath that need to be released in order to help your body heal and assist the essential oils too. 

To help you understand what's going on underneath if you aren't ready to delve into energy work yourself, check out the book: The Healing Questions Guide by Wendi Jensen. It's such a helpful book!


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