So I guess I'll listen to My Bladder.

Yes, I realize the title of this post is not the most gracious.  

Oh well. 

I have a friend, who won't be named. She did something I won't name either. But, because she did this thing, she grew. And she has already helped other people grow. Including me. 

Flashback story time: 

I almost never used the bathroom at school. For 13 years of my life, I held it all in. This was really bad for my health. The feeling of not going to the bathroom has stuck in my mind for the 13 years I've been out of school. (Soon to be 14 years-whoah.) Why, you may ask. Well, I didn't know. 

Until my brave friend was brave. She unlocked a secret for me. And now I can listen to my body. I never used the bathroom during school, or during anything I deemed more important than myself because I was afraid I would miss something. What was I going to miss?!? The answer to a test question? A joke? Something someone said about me? Who knows. But I did miss being present with myself. I missed listening to my needs. I missed listening.


Healing has so many twists and turns and is definitely not linear. I like the idea of a spiral because as you heal, you are continuing to make the same circle and if you're moving forward, you are learning from your lessons and learning deeper each time too.  

I'm learning to let go. I'm learning to trust my path and journey to God (female and male). I'm learning to trust my body. I'm learning to trust my emotions. I'm learning to trust my intuition. I'm learning faith, hope, and charity.

What are you learning? What lessons keep repeating themselves? Are you taking note? Are you working through them or just brushing them aside? Are you using the bathroom when you need to? What are you refusing to deal with? What part of you needs healing, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? What have you always wanted to do, but fear has held you back? 

I promise you won't miss anything. I promise at the end of all of this life thing, there is no quiz. There will be no people, or Gods, who will be judging your path. You'll find support, love, trust, and guidance. And all of that is available now too. The present moment is most important. And the present moment is where you find you and where you find God (female and male) already inside of you. 


Photo cred: Zachary Staines