October Update


I have been getting my energy work book ready for release. That is why I have not been adding content recently. The book will be out October 17th on Amazon. You can save it to your list, or pre-order the ebook version here.

This book is to help people learn to be more mindful, learn some information about energy work and the different energy bodies (such as auras, chakras, inner sanctuary, etc.) as well as teach you how to move energy using visualization. This is the book I wish I had when I started energy work. It describes things in a simple way while still being filled with comprehensive ideas. Even if you do not plan to move energy, this book can be helpful as a way to be more aware of the different energy that resides in you. I am in love with the cover.

We have also had summer coming to a close. Fall came earlier this year and the cooler weather was welcome but we are used to having more time in the 70’s in the fall. The kids have been inside more. I am observing them more since their neighborhood friends are gone at school during the day so that gives us our time together again. They have been discovering new things on Minecraft together. Jordan decided to download Minecraft as well so that he could connect with them in another area they are interested in. Since doing that we’ve both noticed attitudes from the kids are more positive. I will be having a post about the benefits of Minecraft soon!

I recorded my online class for energy work. It is the information I have taught for my live classes and that should be coming out hopefully within the next month. So, stay tuned for that.

Jordan and I have a podcast that is going really well! We talk about the law of attraction, finding connection within marriage and families, and much more! We’ve been getting good feedback on that. So if you haven’t check it out, we’re on any podcast app you use (iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher) or you can listen directly from our website. If you have iTunes and are liking the podcast, please leave us a written review! It would be very much appreciated because that is how podcasts become more visible. Here’s our website: jordanandchelsealou.com.

We have birthdays and holidays coming up but I hope to be back to blogging regularly starting now!

If you have not checked out Jordan’s and my Couple’s Journal on Amazon, you should! We created this journal after not being happy with some other’s we tried. We thought a gender-neutral cover design may help other men be more willing to complete it with their wives! The link is here: