New Moon in Taurus


The last few months took me for a ride. My emotions were sky high and as a Gemini, moon in Taurus, with Aries rising, it was definitely not comfortable for me to be riding my emotions.  

I felt like the Aries energy burned through the last of my negative emotions and I felt so ready for the Taurus switch at the last full moon. (And the next full moon we go into my sun sign. I'm excited!) 

My emotions have felt so grounded. I have felt stable for the first time in a couple of years. My body feels strong and I am working on a ton of new projects and goals (thank you again, Aries energy for goal setting and idea making time!).

The new moon is a time for reflection of the past month. It's a time to decompress, do some self care. If you are a woman menstruating during the new moon , it's an extra great time to release what no longer served you from the the previous month and this Taurus energy can be super helpful too. If you're feeling some anxiety, that seems normal to me around the new moon. I notice in awake more at night but wanting to sleep longer in the morning. I use the new moon as a time for reflection and a time to get to the root of the anxiousness. If I use this time wisely, I can flow into more energy and physical activity the rest of the month. 

Taurus is the bull and represents the element of the Earth. It is a very grounding energy helping us to feel alive and in-sync with the Earth's rhythms. It is a palpable energy helping us to be in the present moment. 

Now may not be the time to focus on your emotions. Instead, get up and do! But do it slowly! Take in the moments that make up your day.

Here are some helpful things do tomorrow during this new moon (May 4th) as well as the next couple of weeks we're in Taurus:  

1. Look into someone's eyes. This helps you stay focused and present and you may notice your connection to the person in deeper ways.  

2. Taurus is the time to work. Work out, finish projects you started, start projects you said you'd start in January but then didn't. (I don't blame you! The energy in January is not conducive to goal setting--next year try setting your goals in March!)  

3. Touch the Earth every day. This month is a great time to get out and actually touch the Earth. If you're drawn to trees, boulders, rocks, grass, flowers, water-go there! Touch the Earth. Let it ground you. Let it heal you. Remember just how well supported you are by it in every moment of every day. It's a massive support system.  

4. Connect with friends who are feel like they bring more stability to your life. All our friends have their place and make our world dynamic. This month, seek out your friends who bring you back down to earth and maybe thank them for their opinions. (And if you're that stable friend, you may notice others seeking out you!)

5. Love yourself. You may notice that you change each month and this month is no different. Observe how you act during this Taurus energy and find some love of self inside.  

Have you looked into astrology before? What cool insights have you learned about yourself?