What intention are you putting to your day?  

Have you noticed that when you wake up in the morning and things start off badly that you decide it must just be a bad day? Then, as the rest of the day flows, you see in even more detail just how horrible of a day it turned out to be? You got what you focused on. And I've been there too. Many, many times. 

Now, though, I'm working on my intention. Actually, I've been working on it for awhile but when things are tough, it's a lot harder! I'm working on my alignment too. What is it I want during the day? What will make me happy? What will bring me joy? 

Connection with myself.

Connection with God/Source.

Connection to the Earth.

Feeling good in my body.

Feeling strong in my body.

Connection to my kids. 

Hearing Jordan.  

Accomplishing goals.  

Intentionally eating. 

Enjoying my food. 

Enjoying my life. 

If we focus on what we actually want, we'll attract that to ourselvesWhatever you focus on, you'll get. Try it out. See if you can focus on what you want rather than what's actually happening and let me know you're results! This does take practice but it does get easier! Happy practicing, happy intention!