How to Choose an Energy Healer


There are so many different options for energy healing these days. A simple internet search provides endless options. Many people are claiming healing capabilities and it seems to be the next big thing-just like essential oils were two years ago.

Now, the gift of healing is real, and can be possessed by many people and I believe many of us are awakening to this fact. There seems to be a trend however, that if someone is trained to clear energy in a certain way that means you should automatically trust them and allow them to work on you. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind and questions to ask yourself when you are searching for someone who will work with your energy fields and body. 

1. Do you have a preference on their faith?
Some people don’t mind a difference in faith if the healing session brings what they are hoping for. Others, like myself when I first started searching for a healer, want people who share similar beliefs. This can help people feel more comfortable when it comes to the verbage used. Not understanding the language can make people feel uncomfortable. If you have a religious or spiritual side, there are energy healers who share your beliefs and can help you understand how this fits into your religion or philosophies on life. 

2. What about certification?
I do not personally feel that certification necessarily means that someone is competent enough to work with my energy fields. I need to feel a prompting (an internal pull, or gut feeling) that they should be working with me or my family. Some people need to see those extra letters beyond a persons name, but I have found the most competent energy workers are those that do not have certifications. They are usually self taught which means they take in a variety of information and truth from different areas and apply it to their work. 

3. How did they learn?
Attending an energy healing conference or reading a book does not mean someone is ready to heal others. Starting on ourselves and family is the best way to ensure we have enough knowledge to begin to work on people. I don’t believe that certification necessarily means someone is ready to be an energy healer either. The person should feel confident that their training, apprenticeship or certification means they are capable of helping someone heal in the way they need healing (as opposed to how the energy healer thinks they should be healed). 

4. This is your body and spirit.
It is sacred. Everything you do to your body and everything you allow others to do to it should be seen as a sacred responsibility. Pay attention to any negative vibes! If you feel any darkness around the person, leave! Trust those “gut” feelings because it is your subconscious (or spirit) communicating with you.

5. Will there be generational clearing?
Many energy workers do not clear things generationally which means your ancestors are not benefiting. Many times this also means that the emotions or experiences can stay with you waiting to be cleared from your family line. I have had people who have seen multiple energy workers before coming to me and have commented that they believed something was cleared beforehand only to find out that it was still there and usually connected to an ancestor. 

6. No negative energy retention.

After a session you should usually feel lighter and more at peace. Sometimes when energy is shifting more emotions come up to the top quickly and that is also normal and means that things are shifting around. Allowing your body a few days to a week to allow emotions to release is good. However, if after a session with someone you feel darkness or have uncontrollable negative emotions, that is a sign something is wrong. Contact the person and ask them to get rid of those feelings. If they can’t, find someone else who can!

Energy work should bring you a feeling of peace and allow you to feel like you are connecting with who you truly are. As with most things in life, prayer is a great way to figure out who should work on you energetically. 

We have so many different energy healing modalities on the earth that people have an array of choices. My belief is that we have so many because people are ready for healing and are drawn to heal in different ways. Pay attention to the vibe you get when looking into different healers. Your body knows what it needs and it will guide you there if you pay attention to the feelings inside. 

Have specific questions about energy healing? What brought you to the healers you have allowed to work with you?