Energy Work: A Healing Art

Most people are new to the concept of energy work. Here are a few basics that may be helpful:

There are different modalities and ways of moving energy. Some people use their hands. Some use magnets. Some use meditation. Some use a “gut” feeling. I visualize and use the power of the mind to move energy.

There are many different layers to our energy body. We have some that are commonly known such as an aura, chakras, and meridians. We also have other energy systems such as our inner sanctuary, energy grid, entrance and exit points, and more! There are always new things to discover. I clear dark, negative energy and put healing support into the body or energy layers that need healing.


The dark negative energy can be different things which can include: negative emotions, traumas, fears, aversions, addictions, and defense mechanisms. There are so many more! 

I replace the darkness with light. Other healers use the term universal light, healing light, prana, etc. There are usually affirmations (truth) that go in place of the darkness to help with the healing too. 

I tell people they are like layers of an onion. Each session is a new layer and varies from person to person. Having some information about your ailments, whether they be emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental, helps energy workers have greater insight into you and allows them to focus their efforts.

Some people prefer that I release whatever surfaces without offering me insight into their current state. Either way works for me and in the end either way heals.

How often you work with an energy healer is up to you. Typically most energy workers have you do several sessions with them up front and then allow you to choose when to see them again. I have a three session minimum for new clients. 

Not everything can be released in one session-remember the layers! Many people in our Western culture want a quick fix. Sometimes energy work can cause ailments to disappear quickly and sometimes there are many deep layers. 

You should feel lighter after most sessions. There should be relief and clarity. Sometimes a session can pull some pretty deep and intense emotions out of people and after those sessions it can take a little longer for the body to shift. However, there should be calmness.  

I believe energy healing helps bring people back to a remembrance of the divine truths that already exist within them. Negative emotions, addictions, negative thought patterns, bodily aversions, etc that are either inherited or acquired while we live on earth do not define who we really are at our core.