Common Misconceptions & Questions About Homeschooling

Here are some common misconception and questions about homeschooling and life learning. Expand your understanding. Open your mind. Homeschooling is not always (or usually) how it is portrayed.

Here they are socializing with a man...and a snake.

Here they are socializing with a man...and a snake.

How will they be socialized?
Well, everyday my children are interacting with 5 people of different ages. That is only while we are at home. We also have the grocery store, the aquarium, zoo, parks, post office, library, mechanic’s shop, visits with cousins and friends, and more. They have SO MANY opportunities to socialize. They do not, however, tend to “socialize” with children that are only their same age. They have friends that are younger and older than they are. Oh, and they are allowed to talk to people instead of waiting for an adult to let them know they are free to speak.

Do you want them to be cut off from society?
Maybe there are a select few (or more) that do keep their children within the community of their choosing and do not allow much information about the outside world. In today’s day and age though, our children are exposed to more about their community and the world when they are homeschooled. We expand our minds by researching animals and humans in different parts of the world. We learn about different religions and holidays. Worldschooling is also an option for some homeschoolers in which the world is literally their school. We are in our community each week and we are not confined by a timetable either.

You must homeschool because you’re afraid of school.
Well, to some extent, yes. There are enough problems with the school system. Some include: bullying, authoritarianism, fear, and pushing children to perform (pushing children to develop as fast as the governments dictates, pushing children into learning and activities they do not care about or learn from, etc). There is also the degradation of morals and children being exposed to things outside of their family in less organic and calm ways.

Is it legal?
Yes. Check with your specific state (or country) to make sure you are following the laws of your land.

Can they go to college?
Yes. (The question of wanting them to go to college is for another post.)

I really wish we would change our verbiage in general. Maybe the term introversion should be used instead of awkward. Also, introversion is not awkward. Introversion is a trait and is not wrong. I have a couple of introverted children and a couple of extroverted children. They are all awesome.

Life learning:


We must be hippies.
Well, we kind of are. Although we are not off grid and we have not mastered our backyard garden, we are trying. We live in a small home for our family of six (at least in this day and age). We also practice attachment parenting and let our kids run barefoot as often as they like. Oh, and my toddler is still nursing. 

Your house must be chaos.
Some days it is. Some days our rhythm is smooth. We all function better in a clean and tidy environment, so we keep things tidy. When art supplies are brought out or an imaginative game is in full force, our house becomes a mess. Just like everyone else’s.

No one does anything all day long.
Soon I’ll post about a day in our life. Our days vary and we are usually all doing “something” all day long. Relaxing, by the way, is something. We definitely do relax. We also have really busy days. The difference is, no one is dictating what we are doing all day.


 We must be lazy parents.
As Dwight Schrute would say, “False.” We have put so much effort praying and researching what is right for our family. We know what we are hoping to achieve. We realize we are doing something different from most other people our age with families. But, we are making a fully informed choice about our lifestyle.

Are you? Are you making a conscious choice about where your children are all day long? Or are you sending them away to school because of different fears or because that is the tradition and culture of our society? Or because you do not think you could be around your children for that long?

You can heal your mind and heart. You can choose to parent based on hope and connection. You can heal your relationship with your children so that you want to be together more. Spending that much time together does not mean you will never have time alone, time with your spouse, or with friends. It does mean you can enjoy being with your children more and they can enjoy being with you too.

Have you thought about homeschooling but still have some concerns? Have you started homeschooling but feel the need to take the leap to life learning? Let me know in the comments below!