Answers With an Energy Healer


There are certain questions that seem to come up with clients often and I thought a quick blog post would be helpful in answering them.

Is it draining to do energy work?
It is not draining for me to do energy work. I actually get very energized. I do, however, seem to drink lots of water and sometimes feel famished after a session. I remember one time at the very beginning, while I was still learning about protecting myself, that I was emotionally and physically exhausted. A friend of mine let me know I wasn’t properly protected. Since then I make sure to add that to my prayers before a session!

Do you see my whole life and every choice I’ve made?
No! I rarely see snapshots when I work with people. I define a snapshot as a one or two second movie. Usually I do not see more than that. 

Do you see spirits (ghosts)?
I do not see spirits with my eyes open. I do sense them more regularly than I probably acknowledged before. Evil spirits give me a distinct “yucky” feeling and I usually shudder! Nice spirits tend to evoke a calm and peaceful, almost giddy feeling.

Isn’t it scary to see them while working with clients?
There is no spooky music playing while I work with people. They look dark and yes, sometimes creepy. I don’t dwell on it and remove them and move on by putting truth back into their bodies.

Can you put affirmations/healing into people that you think would be beneficial (of your own accord)?
I have to wait for the words to come to me. I cannot put things into people just because I believe it would be beneficial.

How did you learn?
I believe I was taught by intuition and God and I am continually learning new things! Sometimes I recieve new insights within conversation with people or a book I am reading. I am open to new information being brought to me so that I can continue to learn and help others. 

How do you "tune-in"? What does that mean?  

Everyone exists at their own frequency (much like different radio stations). When I tune into someone I am finding their frequency so I can connect with them on a subconscious to subconscious level (or spirit to spirit level). I am teaching how to tune into someone in my upcoming class!

Do you teach classes?


If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment or send me an email!