The Beginning of My Energy Healing Journey

I started doing energy work almost 5 years ago. However, I have been studying it longer. Finding a person who mobed energy that was the same faith as me at the time was important to me. Many of my clients now do not share my faith but we are able to find common ground through this healing work.

My parents divorced when I was 11. Although I thought at the time and for many years after that it did not have an impact on me, it did. Energetically, it shattered me. I am still finding things that need healing from this time in my life. After that, I moved to a different state and tried to find new friends. I am an empath. An empath is a person who feels the emotions and mental state of others. In an unhealthy empath (me as a teenager), they can also take on those emotions and mental states and truly believe they are living the same life. The emotions from others are so real and so readily absorbed that they cannot distinguish them from their own. Mood swings, irrational thought patterns, and feelings that do not match the lifestyle an empath is living are some signs that a person is an empath—and that they need some help!  

I started seeing a therapist and was given an anti-anxiety medication at 16. I was on the medication until age 21. I had repeated panic attacks, suffered from anorexia and buelimia, drank alcohol heavily, and for awhile was abusive to my body. I had very low-self esteem and really disliked being around groups of people. Attending a large high school every day did not help! 

After high school I moved to Portland, Oregon for college. I continued to drink and my panic attacks and depression persisted. After two years there I moved to Idaho. I met and married my husband a little more than a year after moving to Idaho. He introduced me (after some patience on his part) to a homeopathic doctor in town. He had been seeing him for PTSD that he had from his mission, along with anxiety and worry problems in general. I was able to get off of my medication after three months of seeing him. Although I weaned off the medication, I still experienced what I think was a nervous breakdown. I cried continuously for three days and Jordan held me and took care of me. After that I realized I had a lot more healing to do. Not long after, I was pregnant with our first son, Rico.  


Rico was very intense and at about age 1 we knew we had to find a way to help him and I was leaning towards energy healing. We are more inclined to find natural alternatives to body and emotional ailments. After being introduced to different energy healing modalities mainly through conversations with friends, we found a NAET practitioner. (NAET practitioners help clear bodily aversions such as calcium or night shade vegetables, just to name a few.) She helped clear his skin rash and he started napping more regularly and sleeping soundly through the night for awhile. I knew it was helping him but we could not afford to see her to clear the rest of his bodily aversions.

Then, a sister-in-law found the woman that I dearly love and have been able to learn from. She is LDS and a self-taught energy healer. She helped our Rico nap. This sounds small, but for us, it was an answer to our prayers. Because he started resting his body, he calmed down. She helped him become more aware of his body and balance his mind. She also helped my husband and I clear lots of generational “junk” and move forward emotionally and financially. The biggest shift she gave me was opening me up to my ability to heal.


I started trying to find a modality that I could work with. I read a few different books and it did not take long to figure out that I do not move energy with my hands. In fact, every time I tried a modality that I needed to use my hands for, I got vertigo! After working with this friend for almost a year I had an epiphany one day. I knew how to muscle test* and I decided to test some things from the kitchen on my husband. I found a few things that he had an aversion to. When he left for work I closed my eyes, tuned into him, and cleared them. I tested him again when he came home from work and it had worked! He no longer tested as though he had those aversions.

After that, I started asking different questions about the things I was seeing. To me, fears look like shadows, addictions are high vibrating blankets of energy that drape the body, generational thought patterns look like belts tying waists together in a family line, and offensive thoughts literally swirl in the brain non-stop. From my reading I knew where the commonly used terms of chakras and meridians were and I learned what they looked like with plugs in them. I discovered our inner sanctuary which is the innermost place, energetically, within us. 

From there my knowledge base and healing ability has continually expanded because I feel that the information I need is brought to me.

What questions do you have for me? Have you experienced energy healing?  

*Muscle testing is also known as kinesiology. It is the ability to speak spirit to spirit, or unconscious to unconscious. Because our unconscious (or soul) knows all truth, we tap into this and can ask questions and receive answers. There are different ways people learn to use their body to muscle test. YouTube can give you some great examples.