Generational Healing


I have had some pretty deep conversations with clients over the last few years while working with people. One of the things that seems to strike people most is the work done that helps ancestors.

As an aside, I do not believe in reincarnation (and past lives). If an emotion, event, trauma, fear, etc, does not come from the person themselves, it usually comes from an ancestor or is absorbed from another person they have known. I am able to tell if it originates with a female or a male and where it originated on the family line (e.g. 2nd generation, 7th generation, etc). I thought I should clarify this before I explained any further just in case anyone wondered!

There are plenty of scriptural references of generational healing and that there are those of us who are “repairers of the breech.” I would rather focus this post on what I have understood about ancestors while working with clients. In the future I may devote a blog post specifically to scriptural references.

All of our ancestors are aware of us. They understand who we are and why we make the decisions we do. Many of them seem to be helping in known and unknown ways.

Not all of them may be ready for healing and this may be a hard thing to hear. When we complete generational healing, the healing occurs for those willing and ready to accept the change and waits for others. As soon as ancestors are ready for that healing, it happens.

There are also ancestors waiting for healing! We have the opportunity to help our ancestors heal from emotional energetic wounds that have been passed on, in some cases, for a long time! We also are able to help our family line by stopping the negative thought patterns from reoccurring. We are able to pass on the truth about our families. We are able to feel a greater connection to those who went before us and feel how important we are in our family line. Our place on this earth and in our family has a specific purpose. Part of that purpose is to help heal our families.

Things that are passed on from ancestors can include thought patterns, fears, memories, and anxieties. Often you can see patterns within families. Anytime there is a pattern of negativity (whether that be monetarily, emotionally, or in personalities) there is energy that can be released. Families can be healed. 

From the work I have done and the understanding I have received so far, our ancestors are very thankful for energy healing. They no longer have to watch their posterity struggle with the same emotions and events that they endured. They are able to see us flourish and truly be ourselves. 

Did you know ancestors are waiting for healing? Have you felt your ancestors near?