Children's Aura Types


In my previous post I very briefly introduced aura types. If you have not read that yet, I suggest you do before reading this post. For the purpose of this post I am going to focus on aura types in children.

It is important to understand that a child’s aura is usually connected to the mother for the first three years of life. They are interconnected in the womb and that extends to those first three years of life. At about age three the child’s aura separates. You can usually tell when this happens because they have a sudden burst of independence. The mother may feel the detachment, or not. I know for me with my last two I felt it because I was aware of it more but looking back at the boys at that age I definitely can see a difference with their separation too. This final separation with Mimi has been tough! With this understanding, I hope it is easy to see why women need to keep their auras clean and try to be as positive as possible while pregnant and during toddler-hood.

So, why is it helpful to understand your child’s aura type?

When our child is a manifestor, most of the time they are inventing but choose to have other people do the work to make things into a reality. They are independent and vivacious. "The Boss." They are intense. We need to teach them to let us (or siblings or friends) know what their plans are so that we know how we (and the family and friends) will be impacted by their decisions (and independence). We can then communicate this to others as the child is learning to communicate better. We need to help them learn empathy for others.

When we have a child that is a generator, we need to allow them the space to let the God/universe bring things into their life for them to try out (these things can be friends, activities, sports, etc). Then we allow them the time and space they need to process this thing to see if it is the right fit. We also let go of the expectation that they need to work only to provide for themselves and their family. They will burn out. They need a career that will be satisfying creatively too. While they are children we can allow them to spend most of their time trying things as they come to them, as long as they want to, and not put any expectation that things be mastered or completed. They know when they are ready to move on-they understand their gut feelings. We need to listen! Also, because they are the hard worker, don't make them the only worker in the house! Yes, they can do the work but that doesn't mean they should!

When our child is a projector, we must understand that their role in life is not to be the “hard worker.” Doing so allows us to see other areas in which they excel (such as their creativity and guidance). We can also help them understand that they may only have a few close friends and that is perfectly normal. We do not expect them to be a social butterfly. Their opinions (which are usually right) are not always welcome and should be kept to themselves unless someone asks or if the conversation leads to them giving their opinion in an open atmosphere. Projectors need a close and open relationship with their parents so they understand what a good, open relationship feels like. This will hopefully help them avoid relationships with other children, boyfriends/girlfriends, and other family members that drain the energy from them.

When our child is a reflector, we must try to pay attention to their attitude and state of mind. Do they always get upset after spending time with a certain person? Are they reflecting the attitude and beliefs of that person instead of understanding their own? Are they the “dramatic” child in the family? Is it really drama or are they reflecting the feeling of others in the house? They go through the aura personality cycle each month and we can observe their flow (for example: idea maker, hard worker, reflector, and projector). We try to lessen expectations during their reflector and projector mode. We allow them to be introverted and extroverted as needed. 

Although we know what children’s aura types are, there are still many things that impact them. Traumatic events, premortal emotions, aversions, negativity of others, heart walls, generational emotions…and the list goes on. Aura types are another great tool to have and understand while you are learning to let go of false parental expectations and are allowing children the space they need to discover who they really are. They are eternal, and beautiful, spiritual beings that can figure out their own life path!