Aura Types


There are 4 aura types. Manifestor, Generator (which also includes Manifesting Generators), Projector, and Reflector. Why does this matter and which one are you?

First, let's describe an aura. Your aura is like a protective bubble of light that surrounds your body.  When you are sick, it contracts and it filters out different energies. Sometimes you can have negative energies stuck in the aura. 

It helps to know which aura type you are because it is one more thing to know and understand about yourself. It's interesting to know why people react to us the way they do. Yes, they can have a lot of emotions and thoughts inherited from ancestors. Yes, they can have a lot of life’s experiences that can make them seem cold. None of these things are truly eternal characteristics of those around us. It could also be that your auras just are not jiving. 

I’ll give an explanation of my type to help give a small understanding of the benefit of knowing your own.

I am a projector. I need to wait to be invited (or have a strong prompting) to share any amount of information. If I do not wait to be invited, people don’t hear me and I waste my energy. Most of my life I never understood why almost everyone would ignore me. I couldn’t figure it out. And being a more typical teenager who was very ego-centric this felt miserable! Although at the time I only had a couple of friends and avoided other people. I had two polarizing feelings inside of me. One that wanted to feel heard, the other that wanted to be alone.

I learned about being a projector after I learned energy healing. I learned that if I waited to impart my knowledge or opinion when a person asked, they listened! Not only do people listen to me now, sometimes they soak in everything I say. Projectors are here to guide and help others understand themselves. Energy healing is a perfect avenue for my creativity and also for my aura type. I have learned to almost always keep my mouth shut. I get a strong feeling when people don’t want to hear me speak. I expend so much less energy and get to focus on things that are worth my time.

This is important because although I did have a lot going on energetically that may have made some people avoid me, I learned that people literally don’t hear me if they don’t want to. It was a little bizarre in the beginning to comprehend but I tell people it’s like they put on silencing headphones when I talk. It isn’t that they don’t like me or my personality, it’s that my opinion is basically on mute unless invited.

Here's a brief summary of the aura types:

Manifestor: These people are the leaders. They get things done. They lead countries, communities, families and friends. Once they have an idea they will put it into action quickly and (usually) have other people do the majority of the work. They have strong personalities, their presence is felt. These aura personalities meet resistance from others when they do not inform others of their ideas and instead brush them aside and continue on their course. They will find the least resistance from others if they will let others know their ideas and how those around them will be affected by their ideas. 

Generator: The majority of people are generators. They are the workforce and for a lot of humanity, they have been the slaves. Right now many generators are learning they want to work in a career they feel contentment with instead of just doing the “daily grind.” This is because generators are highly creative and have an almost endless amount of energy if they keep their own pace. It’s a great time to be a generator! Life is drawn to the generator and they need to experience what is drawn into their life. When they try to initiate experiences, things usually don’t work out. Listening to their “gut feeling” is vital.

Manifesting Generators: They get ideas and can follow through with them. They have a lot of energy to spend but they also need to be aware of other’s feelings and their own gut feeling. They need to love the idea they have so that they’ll be willing to follow through with it.

Projector: Projectors are here to guide others. They need to wait for the invitation. When projectors try to force themselves into a relationship with anyone who doesn’t truly want them or their opinion, they do not get filled energetically and they essentially fall short. Energy levels will be low, feeling that they have no real connection to people. Projectors see the needs and feelings of others and guide them, but only when asked. 

Reflector: As the name suggests, reflectors reflect the mental/emotional state of others. In someone who does not have healthy boundaries set up, they will seem volatile emotionally. They can be happy or sad and it is usually because of the mood of other people around them. In healthy reflectors, they can understand what everyone else is feeling without taking their energies on. Reflectors cycle through each of the other types each month. It can be helpful for reflectors to observe their flow during the month because it can help explain why they have great ideas for a few days, then move on to working hard for a week, and then feel like relaxing or delving into different areas of study. Reflectors need to wait a full lunar month to make big decisions. They need time to process and cycle through the different types.

Figuring out your aura type can be fun! This is just one more aspect that makes you, YOU!