Why Tarot?

Tarot has been something that has interested me for years. When I was a teenager I always wanted a reading but never found the courage because I was afraid the person would tell me of some ill fate I was about to recieve. 


Fast forward 15 or so years and now I'm the one giving tarot readings. 

Tarot is considered a form of divination. In my world, I use it as a means to tap into my inner-being (higher self). It allows me to have some foresight and offers me some time for reflection of the past. 

During my faith transition, I was gifted my first tarot deck. It was an easy deck to love and use as a lift when I was feeling down. It also provided some deep healing and clarity about my life's path. Not long after I went in search of a deck to use with a class I had signed up for to begin to use tarot in even more meaningful ways. 


The more I use them, the easier it is to see why they've been around so long. Sometimes it's hard to tap into our inner-being and listen to what's being offered. Tarot can help bridge the gap for some people--offering them the opportunity to take responsibility for their life and feeling the answers coming from within...but in a physically visible way. It's so cool! 

They don’t offer creepy things and although some decks do have darker imaging, the decks I’m drawn to are light and beautiful. The cards are not something to be afraid of! In fact, my kids are even drawn to them and at least monthly ask what they have to say for them. It gives them some insight into themselves and something positive to focus on in regards to how they interact with others and how they treat themselves.


If you've been interested in tarot but haven't had a reading before, why not? Let me know! 

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